• Opening Times

    Our Showroom and workshops are open:
    Mon - Thurs 9:00-5:00
    Fri 9:00-4:00
    Sat & Sun - Closed
  • Sending us artwork

    Some file formats are designed for screen viewing only - like gifs and low res jpgs and they are fuzzy or jagged when printed. Screen resolution is 72dpi, print is at least 300dpi. Our fine-art print is set at 1400 dpi.

    For more information, please download our artwork guidelines for Signage or Stationery & Paper Print
  • Call - 01646 651799

  • Email - mail@signspeed.com

  • SAT NAV Tips

    We're on the A4075, Carew Castle to Canaston Bridge road. If you are travelling North (towards Oakwood) your SATNAV will tell you to sail straight past us, to next door - watch out for our sign indicating an earlier turn. If you are travelling South (from Oakwood) your SATNAV will tell you to turn into next door (Horsepark) Ignore it! Climb the hill and see our sign just before the sign saying you are entering Cresselly.

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